Moving Out!

It was unfortunate because we do like the shop! The shop location is ideal and the crowd wasn't so bad. The sole reason why we decided to move out was because we are not fully utilizing the shop space, in fact we are not even touching the store room at all. We felt it wasn't wise to be paying for the space that we don't need, so we are on a lookout for smaller and more affordable spaces.

We met many wonderful customers during the two and a half month period and we hope to continue being friends even though we are moving out.†

We are thankful for the chance of experiencing having a retail shop with no strings attached.†

We will be moving out by 19th May 2013. Thanks once again for the wonderful memories!

Posted by: Wendy
Date: 7 May 2013


We are Hiring!

We are moving into May in a few days time, how time flies!

Before May arrives, we hope we are able to find someone to join our humble team.

We had Max, who had moved on to serve the nation. We have Jerry now, but he's also moving on next month to concentrate on his studies.

So, we are looking for someone who can do deliveries for us! 4 hands is always better than 2! :)

Overall it is a very simple job, if you are interested in joining our humble team do fill up this short application.

Posted by: Wendy
Date: 16 April 2013


Cheaper EMS rates for international customers!

Hey there! Customers from worldwide! I know how expensive it was to have your items sent to you.

We are happy to announced that we are offered cheaper shipping rates for EMS shipments! It\\\'s close to about 50% of the previous rates we have!

I know I know... like finally. T_T

Our Speedpost Air Parcels rates remain the same though. :( But.. whatever right? EMS is the best!

First and foremost, know which country zone you are located here:

Destination Guide

Now you can check out our rates here depending on which type of shipping method and country you are in:

- Speedpost Worldwide Courier (EMS) Check Rates

- Speedpost Worldwide Courier (EMS) (Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Canada) Check Rates

- Speedpost Air Parcel Check Rates

Hope the rates are attractive for you guys!

Posted by: Wendy
Date: 1st May 2012


THE MARKET PLACE...!†ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Do you have space constraints? Wanting to get some spare cash for emergency purposes? Do you wish to sell away some figures and make way for new ones? Well the Market Place might be the place for you!

Itís a section at the website where we integrateYOUR goods intoOURwebsite!

We held a trial test that lasted for a year with regards to our consignment services offered previously. It was then closed for a few months to have our work flow revamped. After some overhaul and adjustments that adds to our efficency we decided to make it official that the consignment services are here to stay at ToyCoin.

You can access the market place by hovering your mouse over "Products" at our website and select "Product Type." You will then see a category "Market Place (Consignment Items)"

You may find items that are currently out of stock in ToyCoin, or hopefully, some good deals for second handed products!

There are a few terms and conditions to agree on before getting started so if you have any enquiries, you may visit "Contact Us" page, select "Consignment" category. Drop us an email to register your interest!

Posted by: Wendy
Date: 12 January 2014