General Enquiries
  • Do I need an account to place orders?
    Yes. Having an account will be easier for you as well, as you can track the items that you have ordered previously.
  • How do I preorder/order?
    You need to log in to your account before you can checkout. Simply place the item(s) you wish to order/preorder into your cart and click the checkout button under My Cart on your left. Follow the steps provided until you reach the successful checkout page.
  • Why is a deposit needed for the items?
    A deposit is a win-win situation whereby we as sellers will not be able to give an excuse to cancel your orders without any valid reason; and you as a buyer, will not cancel your orders after the deposit.
  • Can I not pay the deposit?
    Unfortunately, a deposit is compulsory and we seek your kind understanding for this.
  • What are the payment methods?
    We accept the following payment methods:
    Cash on Delivery: Preferred only for items that are in stock/not in preorder status.
    PayPal:Accepted for Local and Overseas Customers. 6% PayPal charges are to be covered by the customer.
    Local Bank Transfer: Most preferred method of payment for item deposits.
  • Can I cancel my preorders?
    You can cancel your orders but do note that the deposits for the preordered items will be forfeited upon cancellation. .
  • May I request to meet you in person to pass you the deposits for preordered item(s)?
    No, as we are constantly moving and it will be hard to collect deposits at your convenience. However, you may enclose the money in an envelope and slot it under our door or our letterbox with your name as well as the order number written clearly on the envelope. Alternatively, you can also meet us at stations where we have deliveries at.
  • Are the prices fixed?
    Prices are fixed in most cases but are subjected to changes if the following occurs:

    1. A drastic change in Currency Rates,

    2. During our Sales period and/or,

    3. If we are able to get the product from a cheaper source.

  • How long can I keep my preordered item(s) with you when it reaches Singapore?
    Unfortunately, we are only able to hold on to your item(s) for a maximum of 2 weeks due to our limited storage space. Items not collected within 2 weeks will be released to the public for sale (with the deposits forfeited). If you are unable to arrange any meet ups due to your busy schedule, kindly arrange a home delivery.
  • How can I contact any person in charge?
    Here are different ways where you can contact us:

    1. Tag board: We read our tags every day. However, if we are not around and there's a conversation going on, we might accidentally miss your question. It is best to contact us via other methods.

    2. Email: You may wish to visit our Contact Us page to send us an email. Do provide adequate information for us to assist you.

    3. Mobile: You may wish to contact 81330207 for any Customer Related Enquiries.
  • I did not get a respond from ToyCoin. What happened?
    Kindly check your Junk Folder to see if our mail has landed there. We respond to email enquiries within 24 hours on working days.

Delivery Enquiries
  • What are the delivery methods?
    Here are the different delivery methods:

    1. We will be delivering your item(s) by hand to the nearest MRT station (in Singapore) free of charge. You may choose the delivery date, time and location at your convenience. This is subjected to availability.

    2. With a fee of $8 per item, we deliver your item(s) to your doorstep island wide, subjected to availability.

    Please note that we will only wait up to 20 minutes according to the scheduled timing. Deliveries are mostly planned at least 1 day in advance to avoid clashes. Therefore, any last minute changes will be subjected to availability. Do also note that any last minute cancellation of appointment or the failure to turn up within the 20 minutes will result in a fixed collection venue at Admiralty MRT Station; of which timings are subjected to availability. We strive to be punctual but we do need your cooperation! We hope everyone's deliveries will be a pleasant one!

  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship internationally. We will not be able to determine the shipping fees until the item is paid, packed, and weighed.

  • What kind of shipping methods available?
    We provide 3 different kinds of shipping method.

    - Speedpost Worldwide Courier (EMS) Check Rates

    - Speedpost Worldwide Courier (EMS) (Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Canada) Check Rates

    - Speedpost Air Parcel Check Rates

  • Which country zone am I in?/How long will my item be delivered to me?
    Kindly locate your country in this guide provided:

    Destination Guide

Sourcing Enquiries
  • What is sourcing services?
    We have sources from Japan who can find anything you want with a price. To begin sourcing, we need the following information:

    1. Japanese product name of the item.
    2. Budget for the item you wish to source.
    3. A link which contains photo(s) and a short description of the item.

    Kindly note that it is important that you provide us with the relevant information stated above so as to help facilitate the sourcing process.

    It is also important that you set a realistic budget for the item(s) you wish to source. We reserve the rights to not bring in the item(s) if your budget is too low. Most figures can be found in Japan but do note that prices of popular items can easily spring up to 4 - 5 times their original price depending on the character, condition of the figure, and how rare it is.

    Therefore, please take that into consideration when you submit your request to us. We seek your understanding towards this matter. You can submit a sourcing request via our contact page.

Business Enquiries
  • How do I contact Toy Coin for Business Opportunities?
    You can send us an email at our contact page.
Misc. Enquiries
  • Is ToyCoin Hiring?
    Currently, we are not hiring. However, you may like to send us a copy of your resume and we will contact you once we have open positions.